Security Training

Learn from the professionals…
I.A.P.P.A offers a variety of training programs to members of the security and law enforcement community. We provide clients from all over the world with security training that is in accordance with the highest international industry standards.

We host and organize courses with our international partners and instructors.

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Personal Protection Agent
The I.A.P.P.A Personal Protection Agent course was developed in 1989 by Founder and Past Director, Mr. James A. King. The course has been updated through the years and new techniques and security concepts have been implemented in the “I.A.P.P.A Basic Skills Course”.

The basic skills course is for students with no experience in personal protection operations that want to start a career in the personal protection and VIP security field. The course covers all aspects of modern close protection operations.

For more information about the course please contact us.

Course information:
Instructors: Multiple
Venue: International
Course duration: 5 – 7 days for basic skills course
Date: Contact us

Security Officer Training
Our instructors have many years of international security and law enforcement  experience and “know-how”. In association with our regional partners we can train security officers in the fields of I.E.D Search, Self Defence, Perimiter Control and related security and law enforcement topics. Our courses are aimed at private security organizations, NGO Security Staff and other private security and law enforcement entities.

For more information about course curriculum please feel free to contact us.

Course information:
Instructors: Multiple
Venue: International
Course lenght: 1 – 3 days
Date: Please contact us

S.E.S – Special Event Security
Event security planning (2 or 4 day seminar) for security consultants, events organizers, security staff and others involved in security and event management. The I.A.P.P.A S.E.S Seminar will learn the student how to conduct advance work, plan and organize security before, during and after special events such as “red carpet” events, board meetings and VIP conferences. Topics range from media and paparazzi handling to I.E.D Search and conflict management.

Course information:
Instructor: CCPA Mr. N. Ehlers and CCPA, Mr. A.Hayat
Venue: International
Course lenght: 2 days
Date: n/a