Become a part of our professional network…
Networking with security professionals, members of the Armed Forces and the law enforcement community is an essential part of our concept. We are at the moment (spring 2014) in close dialogue with national law enforcement bodies (police and corrections), security businesses and individuals from the corporate sector. We develop training courses, seminars and workshops to clients that need know-how about specific areas of security management, law enforcement and tactical training including specialized security training (executive protection)

We review and evaluate security courses provided by others and we offer our input about security products, tactical equipment and other hardware used in the security industry if you are in the process of selecting a security services provider.

We have strategic partners all over the world that serve I.A.P.P.A as vendors of our  training courses and other related products including security consulting. Since 2011 we have added partners in Asia including Pakistan and Malaysia, Africa (South Africa) and Eastern Europe (Poland) to our list of approved vendors.

If you need assistance in any way what so ever, please feel free to contact us directly and we will do our best to assist you. Security businesses including freelance consultants that would like to network (become vendors) with I.A.P.P.A should write a formal request and provide us with information about clients, products and training offered.

Please contact us on: for information regarding networking.