I “stumbled upon” the IAPPA in what I call an act of serendipity.  I wasn’t looking for them nor their offerings.  I made repeated “trips” to their website, scouring the text and links, looking for anything I could to dis-credit them.  After a time, I took the plunge, so to speak, and ponied up (the money).

From the get-go, the person I made contact with was polite, to the point, and conscientious of my time, answering all of my questions.  No hesitations.  No B-S.  No fluff.

The course material was sent to me via e-mail and was daunting at first.  But I was determined and poured through the material.  Had it not been for my private security training and experience I would have had a hell of a time making muster.  Or, making the grade, if you prefer.  Fortunately, the material is presented at a go at your own pace cirriculum as most of us are working folk.  Having prepared — mostly — for this, I made the most of my time and finished in less time than I had expected.

The cirriculum presented by this organization is one of the most challenging security programs available that I have been a part of.  The information is clearly and thoughtfully presented and in-depth, covering a wide range of security disciplines.  Much more thorough and engaging than I expected.  I learned a lot and re-learned as much or more.

The people comprising the IAPPA’s board are obviously experienced professionals who know what they are talking about and doing.  Quite refreshing.  I have made professional contact with one of the board members who is as down to earth as he is professional.

For those with formalized training and experience in the private security profession, specifically the close protection, EP and PSD disciplines, this program makes for an excellent source of material learning and testing of one’s knowledge.  For those not, but would like to, this program would, in my opinion, prove invaluable.

Bottom-line: the money, while not exorbatant, and the time commitment, which could prove challenging, are well worth the investment if you are serious about continuing education and training in the close protection realm of protective security.  I can hardly endorse this association and their program enough.

Scott, USA