Membership Verification

There are some individuals and organizations in the security and protection industry that falsely claim that they are members of I.A.P.P.A. They do this to enhance their public and professional image and to bring some degree of credibility to their business and/or personal resume.

We act on all false membership claims and we will go to great lenghts to ensure that only registered members and associates can use the I.A.P.P.A name and affiliation. We do this to protect our brand and image as we believe that we are a reputable organization.

We are often contacted by private security agencies and asked if an individual is indeed a registered member during a hiring process. We have on several occasions intercepted false membership claims and we have without hesitation provided potential employers with the facts. We are certain that no HR manager in the Security Industry is willing to hire “professionals” with false membership claims.

Some security professionals are not listed on our website due to privacy concerns. You can have membership information and claims verified by simply contacting us.

Only corporate members listed on the “CORPORATE MEMBERS PAGE” on are active and registered corporate members. If you have information about any security organization and/or security businesses that claim I.A.P.P.A membership that aren’t currently listed on the “CORPORATE MEMBERS PAGE” please contact us directly. We promise and guarantee absolute discretion.

We would STRONGLY warn any unauthorized usage of the I.A.P.P.A brand and image. We will not sue you but we will do our VERY BEST to make others know that you are not a member. In this industry your name and reputation is just as important as your training and experience.

Act like a true professional – if you think that membership in an organization such as I.A.P.P.A is worth mentioning in a resume or on then you should apply. We always do our best to help our members in reaching their goals.