Certified Close Protection Agent (CCPA) and the Army COOL…
The United States Army has listed the CCPA designation on it’s ARMY COOL (Credentialing Opportunites On-Line) website. This information is only aimed at CCPA candidates from the US ARMY as certain aspects of the intial assessment of the individual CCPA applicant differs from the civilian CCPA screening process.

1. Contact us directly and ask if you are eligible for the CCPA designation. A short email that contains information about your training and actual experience with personal protection operations. You can contact us by writing to info[a]

2. If you are eligible you will be asked to fill out the form that is available here

3. You will be contacted about payment once we have the form, we use PAYPAL.

4. Once we have your data and your fee has been cleared we will notify you about this. We will also activate your name on the members list on

5. We will email eBooks (PDF’s) and testing material directly to you.

6. You will be working on obtaining your CCPA designation.

If you have any questions please contact us or visit the ARMY COOL page about the CCPA