Our History – The Origins of I.A.P.P.A
The International Association of Personal Protection Agents was formed by Executive Protection Specialist Mr. James A. King from the United States of America. I.A.P.P.A was before 1989 known as The International Bodyguard Association (I.B.A). I.A.P.P.A is NOT the same organization as the UK based I.B.A and must under no circumstances be mistaken with this group. I.A.P.P.A was and will always be the only truly international organization for personal protection agents from all walks of life.

Mr. King spent 23 years in the U.S. Armed Forces as a law enforcement specialist, trainer, criminal investigator, counterintelligence special agent, and protective service agent (executive protection specialist). He was an advisor to both the Vietnamese and Korean military in the area of law enforcement, counterterrorism, and dignitary protection before starting I.A.P.P.A.

Mr. James A. King is also the author of the book “Providing Protective Services”. This book is still read by our members and the contents of this book have been implemented in our “hands-on-training” all over the world.

I.A.P.P.A was formed to provide protective service agents with a forum to network informally with their peers, to solve common problems and discuss issues of mutual interest. By joining I.A.P.P.A you will have the opportunity to network with professional protection agents from all over the world. Membership in I.A.P.P.A is truly unique. The membership body of I.A.P.P.A currently encompasses individuals from over thirty nations, and we are continuing to grow. With representatives currently in The United States of America, Europe, The Middle East, Africa and Asia I.A.P.P.A has a strong foundation and reputation.

After running I.A.P.P.A for more than 10 years Mr. King passed the torch on to others. I.A.P.P.A is today registered as an International non-profit organization the name, logo and brand is protected by International law and have been since its establishment

Executive Director
Dr. Stephen R. Barnhart


Immediate Past Director
Mr. Patrick Spoerry

Past Director
Dr. Craig Best (R.I.P)

Founder & Past Director
Mr. James A. King