Board of Directors

The people in front…
As a member or client you are allways more than welcome to contact The I.A.P.P.A Board of Directors if you have any questions or comments.

Executive Director
Dr. Stephen R. Barnhart

Executive Director since 2003
Board Duties: Communication, leadership development and educational consultant.

Dr. Stephen R. Barnhart from The United States of America is Executive Director of IAPPA – The International Association of Personal Protection Agents. Dr. Barnhart has e.g. developed the associations Certified Close Protection Agent (CCPA) and written several manuals and guidelines about issues relating to security management.


Director of Operations and Training
Mr. Charles Mallice, CCPA & Chief Consultant

Director since 2008 (member since 1990)
Board Duties: Chief Consultant and Instructor

Mr. Mallice from The United Kingdom has many years of experience in the close protection field and is regarded as an industry expert by many. Mr. Mallice is also the Regional Director of I.A.P.P.A Middle East. Mr. Malice is active in the security industry as a security and law enforcement trainer.


nik_newSenior Security Consultant
Mr. Nikolai Ehlers, CCPA

Board Member since June 2009 (member since 1999)
Board Duties: Mr. Ehlers functions as security consultant and advisor.

Mr. Ehlers has been with the United Nations Close Protection Team and provided security and protection to high-ranking UN Officials all over the world. Mr. Ehlers offers his advice on issues relating to close protection operations management. Mr. Ehlers is currently living and working in the UAE in a private security company.


Chief Advisor
Mr. James A. King

Former Executive Director & Founder 1989
Board Duties: To support the Board of Directors

Mr. King is currently serving as chief advisor. He offers his experience and know-how to the organization that he once founded. Mr. Kings record in security, law enforcement and the armed forces speaks for itself. Mr. King is also the author of many I.A.P.P.A manuals and eBooks. Mr. King is also a security and law enforcement trainer.


International Security Consultant
Mr. Arnaldo B. Merli, CCPA

Board Member since 2011 (member since 1997)
Board Duties: Mr. Merli serves as our valued board member.

Mr. Merli has many years of experience from high-ranking close protection operations and is an expert at security and law enforcement management and training. Mr. Merli is also an expert at VIP security operations management.



National Director, I.A.P.P.A Canada
Mr. Chris Menary, EPS

National Director since June 2009 (member since 1998)
Board committees: To promote and represent IAPPA in Canada.

Mr. Menary is a skilled security professional and also the president and owner of the specialized security consultancy MENARYGROUP. Mr. Menary often speaks on issues relating to the protection of people and property and is regarded as a Canadian security expert.


National Director, I.A.P.P.A Italy
Mr. Giordano Magini, Personal Protection Agent

National Director since 2009
Board committees: To promote and represent IAPPA in Italy and organize training courses, seminars and work-shops.

Mr. Magini is a highly experienced close protection agent and security consultant, trainer and instructor. Mr. Magini has international security experience and is an IAPPA licensed and approved instructor in the fields of close protection, law enforcement and maritime security.


National Director, I.A.P.P.A Poland
Mr. Przemyslaw Grabowski, Executive Protection Specialist

Regional Spokesman since 2010
Board committees: To promote and represent IAPPA in Poland

Mr. Grabowski is specialized in the fields of executive protection and VIP Security. Mr. Grabowski offers  close protection training to students from all over the EU in Poland where he owns and operates his own training academy and security business.


stangazdikNational Director, I.A.P.P.A Czech Republic
Mr. Stanislav (Stan) Gazdik

National Director since 2013
Board committees: To promote and represent IAPPA in the Czech Republic

Mr. Gazdik is a veteran of the legendary French Foreign Legion and was amongst the first eastern europeans when he joined in 1991. Mr. Gazdik reitired in 2006 and became a professional security and law enforcement trainer specialized in hand-to-hand combat also known as CQB. Mr. Gazdik represents IAPPA in association with his training academy IAODG in the Czech Republic.


Regional Spokesman, I.A.P.P.A Pakistan & Afghanistan
Mr. Bilal Amjad, Security Consultant

Regional Spokesman since 2012
Board committees: To promote and represent IAPPA in Pakistan and Afghanistan (regions)

Mr. Amjad is a former Major of the Pakistan Army and is currently promoting I.A.P.P.A in Pakistan. Mr. Amjad has many years of experience in security and law enforcement training.


Regional Spokesman, I.A.P.P.A Scandinavia
Mr. Matti Puhakka, Personal Protection Agent

Regional Spokesman since 2010
Board committees: To promote and represent IAPPA in Scandinavia

Mr. Puhakka is a dedicated and experienced security professional. He is currently serving as our Scandinavian spokesperson. Please feel free to contact Mr. Puhakka if you have any questions about membership and commercial close protection training in the Scandinavian region.



bio_captMaritime Security Instructor & Consultant
Mr. Captain Salvatore Pittorru

Instructor since 2013
Instructor duties: Maritime Security training courses.

Master Mariner, with over 20 years sailing experience around the world embarked as Captain, Chief Officer and Deck Officer aboard an Italian Navy ship, Merchant Marine vessels. Maritime and underwater security operator and instructor courses on behalf of individuals, law enforcement units, Private Military Companies and Private Security Company