About us

Who we are…?
I.A.P.P.A – The International Association of Personal Protection Agents (formerly known as The I.B.A) is a professional non-profit organization for personal protection agents from all walks of life. Formed in 1989 by Protective Service Agent Mr. Jim King from The United States of America, I.A.P.P.A is regarded as the only truly international association with members in over thirty countries, including persons involved in the protection of royalty, presidents, state and diplomatic officials, military and government officials, corporate executives, personalities from the entertainment world, and those involved in witness and prisoner protection.

Mr. Jim King spent 23 years in the U.S. Armed Forces as a law enforcement specialist, trainer, Criminal Investigator, Counterintelligence Special Agent, and protective service agent before starting the I.B.A – The International Bodyguard Association that later became I.A.P.P.A. Mr. Jim King was an advisor to both the Vietnamese and Korean military in the area of law enforcement, counterterrorism, and dignitary protection.

The I.A.P.P.A organization is one of the oldest and largest of its kind in the world and with its unique structure and history I.A.P.P.A can offer clients, personal protection agents, security agencies and others the most exclusive protective services, products and training programs.

Today I.A.P.P.A is very active in the industry with Dr. Stephen R. Barnhart as Executive Director; We are amongst the few to offer a professional training program in executive protection and related specialized security services. Our courses and training programs are in accordance with the highest international industry standards.

I.A.P.P.A still offers residential hands-on-training to students from all over the world. Our highly experienced and certified Instructors can offer training courses to personal protection agents, law enforcement officers, military units, commercial security agencies and others that are involved in the fields of security, law enforcement and military operations. The I.A.P.P.A training bureau is led by our technical director Mr. Charles Mallice from the United Kingdom. Training courses are conducted all over the world